Lead Check on-site Site Testing.

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Lead in paint and dust on-site testing.

Not every home or public building built before 1978 has paint that contains lead. Many types of paints manufactured before that time did not contain lead. The only way to know if your job or work place is one of them is to have a lead paint or dust inspection.

If you do not have an inspection you can not possibly know the levels of lead paint in all areas of your job or work place. These levels are important in determining the severity of the concentration of lead dust that is being created.

Lead Check offer a fully professional on-site sampling and full quantitative analysis of paint, dust, soil, air, and water.

  • The location of the lead paint or dust.
  • The quantity of lead paint or dust.


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How safe is the water you drink in your work place?

Lead Check can test your work place water supply with precise and accurate results. We can tell you within minutes if you are unknowingly being poisoned by lead in your drinking water. Lead is rarely found in source water, but enters tap water through corrosion of plumbing materials. Homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures and solder. However, new homes and buildings are also at risk: Read this web page about the illegal use of lead solder and the improper use of fluxes in new buildings.

As a result of corrosion, there is a potential for the lead to leach into the water after prolonged contact. It is therefore the consumption of first flush water – the first cup of tea in the morning – which presents a hazard. You cannot see, taste, or smell lead when it is dissolved in water.


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How safe is the soil in your workplace?

Garden soils contaminated with lead can pose a health risk if vegetables and fruits from the garden are consumed. We don't usually think of our gardens as dangerous or toxic, but unfortunately some garden soils do contain toxic levels of lead. We are familiar with the danger of lead in paint. Chipping or peeling paint around older structures will raise the lead level in the soils directly adjacent to the building. Even today when an old building is demolished, the soil can still become contaminated with lead from lead paint. Lead use has been reduced significantly, but not entirely eliminated.



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How safe is the air you breath in at your work place?

Opening and closing a door or window that has lead paint can produce lead dust hazards. Lead dust is invisible to the naked eye and can stay in the air for long periods. If you have any construction work in your neighborhood or builders are carrying work out in your next door neighbor your home could be contaminated with lead dust.

Ever wondered why your car can be clean one day and next day it's coverd in fine dust. It's possible that work has been carried out in your area. Lead Check aim to be the first company in Europe to offer this on-site testing facility and test kits to test your lead in air hazards.

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