Lead Check Water Test.

Is the drinking water in your work place lead free?

in older properties it remains possible that part, or all, of the underground service pipe connecting the water main in the street to your kitchen tap may be made from lead. It is also possible that some original lead plumbing remains within older properties especially if the kitchen has not been modernised.

A less common cause of lead in drinking water is the illegal use of lead based solder to join together sections of copper pipe. Lead solder is still sold for use on closed central heating systems and mistakes occasionally happen whereby unqualified plumbers or householders use lead solder on drinking water pipes contrary to the law. For all these reasons, the amount of lead in drinking water at a particular property or building may sometimes be above the health based standard.

Read this web page about the illegal use of lead solder and the improper use of fluxes in new buildings.

The only way to know if your drinking water is safe is to test your water supply.

The Lead Check Water Test Kit provides you with precise and accurate results.

Please note: This test kit is currently being updated and will be available shortly.