Lead Check provide a trusted and reliable service to the largest UK company, the small family run business to the sole trader.
We are delighted to have worked with the largest UK companies to the family run painting & decorating services throughout the UK. We are trusted by our clients for our precise & accurate laboratory analysis of lead paint, dust, soil & water results.

From large UK companies & organisations:

  • RWE Group.
  • EON.
  • AKSWARD- Construction Consultants.
  • GRAHAM Construction.
  • FLUOR, United Kingdom.
  • MITIE.
  • WATES Group.
  • VINCI Facilities.
  • GLANVILLE Group.
  • WALDORF Hilton Hotels.

To medium size companies:

  • SALTASH Construction.
  • DTCM.
  • CHEMTECH Environmental

To the small family run businesses:

  • CLASSONE Decorating.
  • ESSMOS Building Contractors.
  • EQUISS Services.
  • AZLAN Homes.
  • SAFE Demolition.
  • DRECK - Environmental Consulting's.

If your requirements are more complex, we can help,
no matter what you reqiure to be analysed for lead content.