Lead Check, the first company of its kind in the UK, has been established to provide a lead based paint consulting and testing service for UK businesses and the building trade service, who work with or come into contact with lead-based environments or products.

The company's mission is to raise awareness to businesses of the risks of lead exposure or lead poisoning, and offer a simple, cost-effective solution to test for lead hazards. The goal is to reach out to the millions of people who, work and go to school or day care and nurseries in older homes and buildings where lead-based paint and other lead hazards may be present. Follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Lead is now recognized as a serious hazard in our environment. The previous use of lead compounds in paint, pipe work, vehicle fuels, batteries and industrial products over many years has led to widespread lead contamination of homes and workplaces. Legislation has now been introduced to control the problems of lead in the environment.

Today's businesses must, by law, tackle this recognized risk to safeguard not only their own health, but also the health of employees, their customers and the environment. To take on this task, professionals need a simple fast and effective means of testing and assessing lead levels.