Lead Check is the first commercially available product to help you determine if lead paint is in your work place environment
and if lead-safe work practices are needed. Recognized by government and industry professionals for superior accuracy and
the most precise form of testing for lead levels in paint, dust, soil and water.

We offer lead test kits for the user to take paint, dust, soil or water samples, then sent back to us for full analysis.
This is followed by advice, services and health & safety products for you, your employees your clients & work environment.

Lead Check test kits are used by the largest compaines in the UK and to the small one man bussines. We offer our cliants
fast turnaround of paint and dust samples.

We offer a full quantative analytical service with accurate, reliable and precise results for testing lead levels in:

Paint Dust Water Soil Air

(Results of quantative analysis will help you in full compliance with UK laws)

Our services

  • Professional lead paint and dust test kits.
  • On site lead testing for paint, dust, soil and water.
  • On site risk assessments.
  • Accurate, reliable and precise results.
  • 24 hour Fast turn around of results.
  • Results will help you in full compliance with UK laws.

Who uses our services?

  • Local government authorities. To test lead hazards in council and public buildings or employees lead exposure risks.
  • Building trade services. To confirm any lead levels in buildings, private or commercial.
  • UK Companies. That need to find out if their services present any lead hazards.

Why use our web site?

  • Educational pages for you to understand lead paint and comply with UK laws.
  • How lead paint exposures can happen.
  • Health problems caused by lead paint exposure.
  • How you can keep yourself and your clients safe from lead paint.